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tool can help you scan the Windows 10 system and identify the driver version. Step 2: Click button with the driver you want to update. Double-click on it and install it following the instruction.

Install this M-Audio driver helper and then double click the shortcut to launch this program.

Blitware Technology Inc., the creators of Driver Robot, have spent thousands of hours building a massive database of every available Windows audio driver.

However, the latest build seems to have some problem with the audio driver as well as Dolby Digital Live. I installed a 1607 version on a secondary hdd (clean install). There is a DTS interactive option in windows (playback devices, SPDIF optical) but when I trying to select it throw an error.. Same problem with different realtek driver versions.” Even enabling the Disable driver signature enforcement and installing the drivers again isn’t serving the purpose, as mentioned by some users.

Downloading Audio Card Drivers Directly from the Manufacturer The best way to download your Audio Card Driver is from the manufacturer.

This will give you the most up to date drivers for your card.

NOTE: Filter the list by clicking the selections on the left.

The list is in alphabetical orderand the Operating System filters are at the very bottom of the list.

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