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All texting messages have been field tested to eliminate any and all mystery as to their effectiveness.

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Cultivated from the phone logs of players, pickup artists and pua gurus these golden messages are designed to elicit responses and peak love and attraction in anyone who receives them.

It’s time to get active in our perfectly fitting sports bras, super-sexy gym leggings and cut-out detail hoodies.

Bring your a-game whilst mastering the art of Yoga or Pilates, beat your best ever time on the track or squat your way to perfection in the gym.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS:"I anticipated some dumb pick up line jokes before downloading, but they're not. SMS text messages are also the ideal way to establish comfort and build connection with sexy singles you would like to date from social networking sites such as facebook, myspace and bebo.

Truth is they are some exceptionally funny comments that if you know just a bit of intricacy of attraction between men and women, you'll see the power in (most of) these bits. This app is the perfect match for single men and women wanting to attract and flirt with members of the opposite sex. ) The funny jokes and hot pick up lines found in this app can also be used in online chat rooms (although their main use is for IM chat and SMS text messages).

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