Second life speed dating

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Post by Matt Herod Welcome to the first edition of groundwater speed dating.In today’s post I introduce you to a motley crew of isotopes and chemicals that hydrogeologists and geochemists use to date the age of groundwater.My Lyft driver Tony paused a beat and said, “You.” My nervous laughter bubbled out and I smoothed the creases of my pink sundress.I’m not in the habit of questioning my Lyft drivers about their seduction pasts.So whenever I can combine the two, both writing and romance, I give it a go.For those unfamiliar, Uber Pools and Lyft Lines match passengers with other people going their same direction.(“So far, this year, we’re at a 93 percent placement rate,” said Katy Hansen, the shelter’s marketing manager.

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For example, pumping an aquifer with a groundwater age of 10 years can be done semi-sustainably as any water extracted will take ~10 years to replace.

However, pumping water with an age of 100,000 years is exploiting a nearly non-renewable resource.

The group shares a ride to save costs and as a result are stuck in a tiny space with strangers for a chunk of time.

Perfect predicament for a date, according to some, who told me have tried flirting with fellow passengers — and drivers — in the hope of landing a number.

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