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We encourage our participants to bring their questions with them, as there are opportunities to meet with the professionals when the sessions are over.

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Mangalam TV, a new Malayalam channel, launched on Sunday with a ‘sensational’ story.

The channel put out an audio tape, allegedly of Kerala Transport Minister AK Saseendran in conversation with a woman. The Minister resigned on moral grounds and the Chief Minister announced a judicial enquiry.

Many journalists took to Facebook to share their opinion on the Mangalam story.

We know the process can be challenging and that at different points you may need different testimonial_slide" data-cycle-auto-height="calc" data-cycle-pause-on-hover="true" data-cycle-prev=".easy-t-2007953138 .easy-t-cycle-prev" data-cycle-next=".easy-t-2007953138 .easy-t-cycle-next" data-cycle-pager=".easy-t-2007953138 .easy-t-cycle-pager" Pat and her colleagues at Divorce Angels provided me with clear, caring, and meaningful guidance during the most challenging times of my child custody ordeal -- and a safe, welcoming environment in which to obtain needed answers.

It is amazing to find such an array of talented professionals who are willing to sacrifice their personal time to listen and to guide individuals like me, at a time of needed support.

Saneesh Elayadath of News 18 slammed Mangalam and said this was not the way to report a story.

“If the news was about a Minister who misused his power and forced a woman to give sexual favours, this was not the way to present it,” he wrote.

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