Dangers of internet chat dating aksi dating seks

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Online Predators can hack sites, trace back IP addresses and in some cases, use slips of personal data to locate a person in real life, whether they wanted to be located or not.

They can also create a false profile and misguide you to a trap.

However, if used safely, there is nothing inherently dangerous in a chat room.

In most cases, the other people in the chat room cannot see members' real names or their addresses.

Kids can be online on their computer, smart phone and parents know many teens will test the water to see what they can do.

Instant messaging on the computer has become the phone for kids today.

Heard this on the radio: A man had a 6 month on line relationship with a woman and it had gotten pretty graphic - lots of sex chat.

They finally agree to meet after dark on a local beach.

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Chat rooms are sometimes dangerous, because they can easily be used by predators who want to groom children or teens for abusive, murderous or sexual relationships.Children spend hours chatting online with their friends, and sometimes with strangers.A recent study found that one in five children online is approached by a sexual predator, a predator who may try to set up a face-to-face meeting.He shows up, the woman is there wearing the white shorts and pink tank top she said she would - and it's HIS MOTHER.Then they got ticketed for being on a beach you're not supposed to be on after dark.

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