Accommodating men in your life

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But 26,437 is a huge number, a number so large that statistically it obviates concerns about self-selection and strongly suggests that the findings are truly valid.

And I am now driving over 80 miles roundtrip in the middle of my Sunday for no other reason than to make his life easier. After all, that's one of the perks of divorcing the man - I don't have to do anything to accommodate him anymore if I don't want to. I'm all for being reasonable and accommodating, but I'm getting taken advantage of way too often!

He went out of his way to show me what our future could look like together, agreeing that the past few years had been challenging for both of us and that we both weren’t trying. I continued to talk to the other man regularly — he was supportive and available, never pressuring me for any kind of commitment.

I started seeing a therapist, I involved a couple of close friends and family as supports.

Unless, of course, my idiot mouth opens and makes promises that my angry brain will berate it for later.

I hope you find value in these encouraging quotes about Accommodating.

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